Message from the leader

Dear Friends:

        I am very pleased to get acquaintance with you via the website of Yantai Port. On behalf of all the administrators and staff members, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and greetings to people and friends of all circles , who have been giving attention and support to the development of Yantai Port for many years.

        Yantai Port, put into use on Agu.22, 1861, has a history of over 150 years up to now. Along with the passage of time and vicissitude of life, Yantai Port has grown, from a primitive natural port, into a national main pivot in waterway traffic and an important coastal open port in China. Now as a modern port group company, it has 104 berths for various purposes, including 65 deep-water berths for vessels of over 10,000 DWT, with total dock coastline of 20,524m, a total area of 8.26million m2 for warehouses and yards. Its -28m deep berth as its max depth can receive large vessels of up to 400,000 DWT for direct anchoring into the port. 

        While recalling those hardships in striving for development, we are proud to present a bright blueprint. The Western Port Area of Yantai Port, now under construction, covers an area of 50 km 2 with planned 70 berths varying from 10,000 to 300,000 DWT. By 2010, the cargo-handling capacity of Yantai Port will be expected to exceed 100 million tons, and container-handling capacity reach 2 million TEU.

        Endowed with advantages both in natural conditions and locational factors, Yantai Port is an ideal destination for investment and starting an undertaking. Honest and practical people of Yantai Port welcome friends of all circles for investment and cooperation to achieve win-win development.Hand in hand, let us create a brilliant future for Yantai Port